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Memories from 2009 and 2010 are posted below:

My favorite memory of you was everyday in geometry. You always call me EmmyPooh and You know how much I hated it. I'd give everything I own just to here you say it one more time. Your memory will forever live on. -Emily
[9:45:49 AM | 9/23/2010]

Salem High School held its 146th graduation exercises on May 30, 2010. Dustin Marshall Huffman belonged to the Class of 2010, and he was remembered before, during, and after commencement. As principal, I presented -- along with Salem Board of Education President, Mr. Steve Bailey -- an honorary diploma to Michelle and Dave. I told those gathered that Dustin was a gentle soul who was as kind to his high school principal as he was to his schoolmates. He never failed to say "hi" to me in school or out of school, and he always wore a smile. I quoted my son, Brian, who had been a teammate of Dustin's in junior high and in high school as saying, "Dustin was a friend to everyone." We missed you, Dustin, but you lent a special feeling to graduation: a mixture of happy memories and personal sadness -- your legacy continues. Dr. Joseph Shivers
[8:46:19 AM | 6/8/2010]

Lindsay Winn I hate that I didn't get to know you that well people say you were a great person&I don't deny it because I knew of you but I regret often that I didn't get to know you better you have changed Salem in ways that are unimaginable if you were still here you would be changing this little town in much different ways but be...cause of what happened, people are closer people take more chances people live life I think that's what you would be doing as well I still can't believe it happened but know that people love you&miss you more than you know I missed saying hi to you in the halls this year as I would pass you I don't know what would have happened differently if you were here but I believe that everything happens for a reason&God must have wanted you in Heaven to watch over us to have someone to keep an extra set of eyes on the city of peace thank you for teaching Salemites how to live I don't know if that's what you're purpose in this life was but if it was then you 100% succeeded.♥
[12:47:39 PM | 6/3/2010]

Dustin was a joy to care for when he was a child. He had the cutest dimples when he smiled and he smiled a LOT. He was a very happy child. and he got along well with the other children. He took a quick liking to my four cats and they usually hid when the kids were about... he was kind and gentle with them. They even knew he had a kind soul. He will be missed by many. We will honor him by living LIFE like he did, head on! Susie Sebrell
[4:07:32 PM | 2/28/2010]

I'm sorry I never got to meet you, Dustin, but it's a bittersweet experience to hear how you embodied the Pay It Forward way of life. It's nothing but sweet, of course, that you did, but I'm sorry you didn't get to stay around longer and do more. Thank you for contributing to a world where kindness wins the day, and for being a "real life Trevor" -Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of the book Pay It Forward
[3:29:19 PM | 2/26/2010]

Shortly after moving accross the street from the Huffmans I had a large tree fall in my front yard. I had only met Dustin and his friends casually. With my busy schedule and four children of my own the last thing I needed was a tree to clean-up. To make matters worse the tree pulled power line from my house and there is no electric. I started to clean up the mess but it was a slow effort with everything else going on. I can home one afternoon and all the large heavy logs were cut and gone and I was informed Dustin came over and helped my father in law clean up. From this point on I gave Dustin much respect and always made a point to say hello to him and his friends. I just hope my kids grow up and show acts of kindness when people are in need. God Bless
[9:33:17 AM | 2/11/2010]

My greatest memories of Dustin were during track season. He'd always come up and talk to me after practice. See we had like the exact same truck. A Red Ford Ranger. The only thing that was different was his was a little bit bigger. He'd always say to me, "My trucks so much better than yours." Then he'd laugh. One day after track i was walking with him out to his truck and he said, "i figured out why my trucks so much better then yours." I'm like "okay so whys it better?" His face lit up, and he said, "I ran mine into a pond!" We both started laughing and he made me sit in his truck and listen to how it ran. I'm really gonna miss you this year during track Dustin. Always in my heart.♥ Kaylin Cadile
[12:40:47 PM | 2/9/2010]

really don't know where to begin other than to say I noticed many of my former SHS Classmates were "fans" of Dustin Huffman and my curiosity lead me to click on the link. WOW!!!...what a remarkable young man!!! My heart breaks as I try to imagine the pain felt over your tragic loss. I've read every single tribute from his friends and relatives, looked at the photos and videos. Although I obviously never knew Dustin, I am touched in a manner I can't accurately describe just to know of him. Reading his story has reminded me how precious life is and rekindled my appreciation for all the blessings I have received. I pledge in his memory to be a better Father, Husband, Friend and Person. May the spirit of Dustin live within us all. My most sincere thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Fred Walsh
[2:21:25 PM | 2/8/2010]

I've only met Dustin twice, and the first time I met him at Taco Bell, I knew I would never forget him, he's just one of those people you instantly love right when you meet them. I remember I went to Taco Bell, and I had no idea Salem kids loved going there, :P. I was there with Ashlee and Stephanie and they were carrying on with all these kids that I never met, and back then I was real shy. So as I was just sitting there, I feel someone come and plop right beside me and I turned around, and there was Dustin with a big smile and said, " Hey I'm Dustin, hows that taco taste?" It made my day that he took the time to talk to someone he didn't even know, just because he knew I was shy and didn't know anyone. I never told him my name, and when I left, he said, "See you soon quite girl." The seconf time I saw him, I was at a football game and him and Ashlee were talking, and he said, "Hey I remember you quite girl." And it just instantly made me smile. I don't think he ever figured out my name. I wish I could have known him like so many know him. We do need more Dustin Hufman's in this world. RIP Huff♥
[8:27:24 AM | 2/3/2010]

I have many memories of Huff and most of them include the fact that he would never tell me no or that he couldn't do something that I had requested. He repaired weight room equipment, towed stranded substitute teachers out of snow banks, built things that I needed, and anything else that I requested. He did a lot of it on his own time and all of it with a smile on his face. He was one of a kind and I deeply miss him on a daily basis. Hank Brock, Assistant Principle/Weight Training Coach
[7:51:37 PM | 1/13/2010]

I remember walking down the halls at school and seeing him from a distance and we both had a smile on our faces and when i got up to him he would always mess with me by hitting me or putting me in a head lock. I miss him so much. RIP Dustin. Matt Garrod.
[1:32:09 PM | 1/13/2010]

misssss you and loveee you veryy much. -smiley
[1:27:19 PM | 1/13/2010]

My greatest memories of Dustin by far are the all of maybe two weeks of our sophomore year that I still attended Salem High, we had science together and sat next to one another always talking about random things..when one day our teacher told us that polar bears are really green. Dustins face lit up like no other and askd me if I would buy him a green polar bear. To this day everytime I see or hear about polar bears I think of Dustin and it brings a tear to my eye. He was a great guy and even though I no longer live in Salem, I proudly wear a huff bracelet:]
[3:50:41 PM | 1/11/2010]

Easiest kid to coach in the world. All I had to do was look you in the eyes and smile and say "Lets go". You made Huda and I look like geniuses, when in reality it was that crazy ass heart of yours. We knew what we were going to get from you every single race, and I envied that fire you had. You're truly missed Huff. God bless. Shane Harding
[8:54:56 PM | 12/14/2009]

miss you dutter :(
[10:28:33 AM | 12/8/2009]

I do not know what it feels like to lose a child and cannot imagine the pain that the family is going through, but I do sympathize with all of you who lost a friend and a classmate. When I was in high school, I lost 2 friends and felt the pain that you are all feeling. Since then, too many more have passed on and it's still so sad to think about! Although I, personally, did not know Dustin all that well, I do have a memory of him that will forever be with me. The summer going into Dustin's 8th grade year, I helped my brother chaperone a party that my niece had. It was a nice evening and the kids were playing volleyball in the yard while we got the bonfire set up. The music was playing and everyone seemed to be having a good time. All at once, it started pouring down rain. Well, kids being kids, they all took off running for the basement. That is, all but Dustin. He went right over and started pulling cords on anything electrical and then proceeded to bring them inside. When he was finished, he offered to help my brother and I bring in food and stuff, but we thanked him for his help and sent him back to the party. I remember my brother turning to me and saying, "Nice kid!". I replied, "Well, somebody has raised him right". I remember thinking that he was so young to have such manners and that I greatly appreciated his respect for us! I know he was loved and is sincerely missed by so many! Sounds like you were a special young man Dustin! Shannon Sauerwein
[5:57:25 PM | 11/25/2009]

When Dustin was younger his older brother Michael, who was about 15 at the time, insisted that I cut his hair with the clippers. I resisted because cutting hair was not one of my talents and sure enough he was pretty much bald by the time I was done. Michael was in tears, he was so upset. Upon seeing this Dustin insisted that I shave his head and afterwards he smiled at his brother and said, "Look Mike, we're the same". Even then he would do anything for anyone. I could not be more proud to call him my son. I miss him so much. MaMa Huff
[8:11:04 AM | 10/31/2009]

my favorite memory with dustin.. it's so hard to pick just one! my absolute favorite would have to be michigan. those days were the best days of my life. and i will never have a new years that can even compare to last years. when we were all in walmart and dustin blew an air horn and aunt mandi called us and she knew right away that he did it! haha. i'd give anything to re-live those days. Another memory, one i hold close, would be when dustin had one of his usual fires, but i didn't feel good and asked him to take me home. So he took me in the house and looks at me and goes. "now. whats reeeeeallllly wrong?" i bursted into tears and told him everything. he knew exactly what i needed. he popped a movie in and got a bunch of blankets and we watching one missed call, he made me laugh the whole way through it. I miss him so much. but i have to stay strong, because i know that's exactly what he would want. -Salem lost their best friend that day. He was the greatest guy i know. His legacy will always live on. He is, the Huffman Legend.
[7:59:39 PM | 10/28/2009]

Dana is so right the world does need more dustin huffmans. your truly an inspiration to me as well everyone else. RIP Huffman
[6:56:22 PM | 10/28/2009]

I never got the chance to talk to or to get to know Dustin. But, when i saw him in the hallway i always thought how he seemed like such a cool person. I wish i would have gotten the chance to know him. I have heard so many stories of how much of an amazing person he was, Rest in peace Lori Hellum
[5:04:13 PM | 10/28/2009]

Dustin was a great person he was always there when you needed him. He taught me how to listen to others and help them the best i could. When i first meet him in 7th grade i remember how nice he was to me when i was getting bullied by some of my cousin's old friends. Huff was one of those people that knew what to do when you needed the help. I dated him for a few months in our 10th grade year...He taught me during those months that things will get better after they get worse. I will always regreat not being able to say things to him that i wanted to..He really helped me a lot and he helped others a lot, but he also showed me how i could help others as well. We will forever miss him and everything he has done for all of us. I will always remember how caring he was and how honest he was towards others. If there was one thing i had learned from him it was this: never let life get you down, it will get better no matter how bad it seems: i will never for get this and i will always keep it in mind. I will forever miss you Dustin...Hope to see you soon........You where the greates person ever alive.......
[4:03:17 PM | 10/25/2009]

Dustin was the most amazing person that i have ever met..ever..and ever will. I have known him since 4th grade but we became close my freshman year when i had moved back to salem. We couldnt remember eachothers names but everytime i saw him in the halls for some reason i would always smile and thats where he gave me the name Smiley:) Thats pretty much the only thing he would call me. He was crazyyyyy and loved life, his family, and his friends soo much..oh and you cant forget about how much he loved his dog ginger..haha..he was the most caring person and would do anything for anyone. We have soooo many everybody else i cant pick a favorite one. He was always there for me no matter what even if it was 4 in the morning and i needed someone to talk to, he was there. He was my best guy friend. I remember when we fell down his basement stairs and i thought for sure that i broke my foot, and he landed on ginger (his dog) haha so we were way more concerned about her then my foot til the next morning when it was huge it hurt so bad but all we could do was laugh. Dustin was truely like a brother to me. He has done so so much for me and has inspired me and made me look at life a whole new different way. To his family, you are all amazing and very STRONG, and my love goes out to you all. Especially Dave and Michelle, I love you guys, you brought Dustin into this world and he was a Legend! Not a day goes by that i dont think about you Dustin. Your always on my mind and in my heart. One thing that helps me through it all is knowin that 2 days before the tragic accident you dropped me off and i got to hug you and tell you i love you..and say goodbye..but its not goodbye like you say..its Cya Lata! Can't wait to see you again DUTTER :) & give you a big hug don't be surprised if i dont wanna let go haha! love & miss you. Ashley Carlariello..Smiley :)
[1:49:12 PM | 10/20/2009]

I never got the chance to talk to or to get to know Dustin. But, when i saw him in the hallway i always thought how he seemed like such a cool person. I wish i would have gotten the chance to know him. I have heard so many stories of how much of an amazing person he was, Rest in peace
[1:46:18 PM | 10/20/2009]

From the first night I officially met Dustin, I knew that he was one of the greatest, most caring people I would ever meet in my life. Some of my favorite memories of him are the simplest times, when we were hanging out in the basement or out by a fire in the backyard. Almost every morning I would hear Dustin say "I love you Kate" as he walked by my locker and I took hearing that for granted. I remember spending Christmas Eve and some of Christmas Day with him, before he went to work, like it was yesterday. He sang Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift to me for what seemed like forever, but now I wish that I could hear him sing just once more. The last time I saw Dustin was right after he had gotten back into town from winning State and he looked so perfect with that gold around his neck. I wish that I would have held onto that last hug for just a second longer. But I feel so privelaged and lucky to have spent even a second with Dustin. I know that I will never meet a more reliable, loving, or hard-working individual in my lifetime. I also know that he is happy now. I feel him watching over me and giving me strength each and every day and I cannot thank him enough for the impact he has left on my life. Not a day goes by that I don't think about how much I miss you Tuff Huff, but I know that I will see you again and we will truly have so much to catch up on. I miss you and love you. -Kate
[11:28:22 PM | 10/10/2009]

dustin was a very caring person who really enjoyed life and loved his family and friends as well he always new how to cheer up a person and let them no everthing is ok we will miss him very much and he will always be in our hearts diana adams and family
[10:38:03 PM | 10/10/2009]

1 Corinthians 9:24-27: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have run my race, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize. Dustin, worked hard and played hard. Almost every conversation I had with him in the last year was about him working too much and not enjoying being a teenager. He always said he enjoyed working hard and couldn't wait to be on his own. He had no regrets and no fear about what he was doing. He loved his job, he loved his friends, and his family. He didn't go into work, running or lifting weights half way. He gave more than 110%. Winning at state was a gift for his parents, something huge that he did that we're all proud of. I hope that from his death, we all remember that even winning state is temporary. Next year, someone else, hopefully the Quakers, will take that title. We all need to put as much effort into being a follower of Christ - the title that will stay with us for eternity. All the fun ...all the memories...we have all that now...but how much more will it be when we're all celebrating together again in heaven. See ya there, Dustin! I love you forever, Aunt Patty (Gucle)
[1:57:41 PM | 10/5/2009]

God blessed me with this child that would inspire a community with his sincerity and kindness, hard work and determination. He was a friend to all and a true gentleman who would protect those who needed it. God needed a strong Angel so he picked him to watch over the rest of us. I love you and miss you so much, Dustin!
[9:47:39 AM | 10/2/2009]

I dont even know where to begin. I have known dustin since 4th grade. me n that kid were inseperable. We had soo many awesome memories with each other, i can't even choose a single one. We had so many big dreams we were gunna do together when we grew up. We were always together and if people saw dustin they were like wheres justin? and vise versa for me. I Love him with all my heart. It kills me inside everyday when i think about all the good times i had with him and all the memories, the worst part is thinking that im never gunna be able to make anymore memories with him. It hurts and kills me so bad to say that but thats all I think about. I hate to think like that but alls i can think of is the good times. All this happening has gave me a total new outlook on life. I have changed so many of my old ways. I think i left a pretty big impact on Dustin's life, at least i hope i did. People may not look at me as being very religious, but i am, i dont show it that much. I think i put a good enough, religious impact on Dustin that he knew where he was going. I know i will see him again someday. I cant wait for that day to come. I miss Dustin so much i can't even describe it. I regret not hanging out with him more when i moved away. i kick myself everyday for not making an effort just to come in town and say hi. i mean i didnt sometimes but not enough. Even though i didnt Dustin still knew, and I knew that we were still best friends. Were still best friends now and always will be. He's my brother for life. Memories are the best thing i got but it hurts me so bad inside i cant stand it sometimes. I think about Dustin everyday and wish he was here again with me. I'd give the world to have him back here, i'd give anything. If i had one wish, just one i would ask to bring Dustin back. I would take his place in a heart beat just for him to come back. I just wanna see his smile one more time and do our handshake and hug him. I Love Dustin with all my heart and miss him dearly. He will be in my heart forever and always. I Love you Dustin and you know that. I can't wait to see you again. I can't wait to hug you and say what's up brother. Dustin you and I are brothers for life. I Love you. "We ride together, We die together, Bad boys for life."- Your best bro, Rizz.
[5:10:55 PM | 9/27/2009]

All my memories with Huff were absolutely amazing and it's hard for me to choose which one is my favorite but I will have to say one of my most favorite memories with Dustin was going to Dunkin Donuts once a week before school in the morning. He would buy me an iced coffee and laugh at how much splenda I put in my coffee. We would just talk and carry on. Then during the evenings he would come over and we would "study" biology, but we would just end up talking and laughing and then usually go and get ice cream. He was one of my best friends and I can never get coffee or ice cream or study without thinking of those precious times we shared together. -Megan
[4:08:26 PM | 9/22/2009]

I'll never forget spending almost every summer night in Dustins basement. I've had some of the best times of my life with him. Spending Diegos last night in America, watching Snakes on a Plane, Eating Taco Bell, and so much more. One night I was at Dustin's and I didn't have a ride home. It was like 3 or 4 in the morning but he still took me home. Dustin was such a great friend, I wish I could've been a better friend back. This world honestly needs more people like Dustin. Love and miss you buddy
[8:16:02 AM | 9/22/2009]

I had the good fortune of knowing Dustin for two years. I moved to Salem our sophmore year and he and I became friends. My fondest memory of him is when he helped my little sister. She dropped all her books in the hallway at school. He didn't even know her. He stopped walking and bent down and picked up her books for her. I'll always remember him that way, as a sweet young man. I am thankful to have had what time I did with him as a great friend. -Jordin Jackman
[9:25:20 AM | 9/20/2009]

i remember wen dustin came home from prom and all dressed up in his white suit n i was like wut u think u is a pimp or sumthin n he said dude i dont think i is i kno i is and we jus laughed for like a half hour bout it hahaha -nick
[11:41:27 AM | 9/19/2009]

Dustin was awesome...i remember in 6th grade when all of the girls in our class were like in love with him...he used to always come over and play basketball with me or id come over and we would ride his little dirtbike...he always made funny jokes and he was always the one to laugh about everything...i miss him soo much and miss going to kemline with him and vicky and ride the 4 wheeler...he would always show off and go fast and when he shot nathans gun and it came back and hit his forehead and he got blood all over him but he still thought it was funny...i will never ever forget you ever and i will love you forever...always in my heart and my memories. -Katlyn
[2:21:12 PM | 9/18/2009]

My favorite memory of you was when you, me and Cam were "rehearsing" for a gost hunt we were gonna do in Cams basement. You ran around with the camera for effect and cameron called cut and he hid and told us to look scared when he popped out the dryer and you just laughed and was like "okay cam..." Then i had to go home and we all promised that one day we'd actually shoot it and make a show out of it...i miss you. everytime i walk into the weight room it reminds me of you always helping or joking around with all of ya Dustin :) -Tori R.
[8:32:50 PM | 9/17/2009]

2my favorite memory of dustin was when nick, dustin & i were in his backyard having alittle bonfire to ourselves & dustin brought out nicks golf clubs that he had in the basement. well there just happened to be golfballs in there and of course like boys they said he lets hit them. well theres trees all you all kno in the backyard and dustin hit the first one. the golf ball came flying by nick and i. So we stood out there for maybe 3 hours as nick and dusin hit golf balls into the field and we would duck everytime we heard a ping. (:. its simple things like that made life fun and im goin to miss it. He was one of the first peaple to accept me as nicks girlfriend. & i always was gratefull for that he always treated me as tho he was a gentleman. Nathen and dustin even came to watch as i was on promcourt and nick walked with me at prom. Nick and I mmiss him so dearly and think about him all the time. run fast dude. (: we love you. & miss you. nick & chelsea.
[6:50:12 PM | 9/16/2009]

Dustin was a character, someone who always made me laugh and cheered me up. He was a lot of fun to hangout with. We've had so many fun times together. We would take road trips to P.A. which were always a blast. The little bon fires he would have always were always interesting. I always enjoyed surrounding myself with him. When he was in 7th grade and I was in 8th, we dated..not for too long, it was one of those middle school relationships which all of us had. Anyways, he got me the most prettiest bracelet for Christmas. I still wear it today actually, and I'll keep it with me forever... I love and miss you Dustin. We'll meet again, until then watch over me
[1:26:25 PM | 9/16/2009]

Ill never forget the last time i saw dustin i was getting ready to leave his house and i havent seen him in awhile and he gave me a huge hug and told me i was like one of his big brothers love and miss you bro
[12:42:01 PM | 9/16/2009]

Dear Dustin, Not a day has gone by that I have not thought of you or spoke about you. My bracelet is forever on my wrist and I love telling people about how great you are. Reading all these posts made me cry but I know that you will forever be in everyones hearts. It has been a very long and painful few months and wish just one day or even minute we could all see your smile. Know that we are slowly living everyday and remembering your life. Erin is so right, we all do need to live everyday to the fullest, life is too short. I want to follow in your path and live my life so great like you have. My sister is so saddened and I wish you could see her and smile at her for one last time. I know you are watching down on all of us and guilding us toward a great life like yours. We will see each other soon and until then you are forever and ever loved and admired. You are forever in my heart.
[12:29:28 PM | 9/16/2009]

Dustin was always the one to cheer someone up if they were in a bad mood or was just having a crappy day...ill never forget the party at my house when he showed up w matak and murphy before i even got to my hose and was just waiting for the party to start...i always had a place to stay if i couldnt go home or just didnt want to..he picked me up multiple times when i was unable to drive...he was always there for everyone no matter wat situation may have been.Dustin has changed many ppls lives and there thoughts about today...hes in our hearts and lives forever...everything we do reminds us of him...we will follow his footsteps and live life on the edge. he will never be forgotten and always and miss u dustin...Amanda Speigle
[2:38:09 AM | 9/16/2009]

I knew Dustin from school, he really did know alot about cars and things of that nature. I also knew him from the weight room, he was one of the hardest workers up in the weight room. For as little as he was he stood up to every challenge that came his way. Well all love and miss you Dustin - Faulkiner
[11:31:34 PM | 9/15/2009]

Dustin was the most outgoing person ive ever met, and a best friend to my little brother, I could go on and on about the stories ive heard about Dustin and my brother, but they may be considered an inappropiate post lol.. I miss waking up and seeing Dustin on our couch passed out with our little dog sitting on his chest licking his face, and watching him run down at reilly.. I will always remember going and getting pictures with my brother and Dustin before their junior prom, and watching them leave the high school without their dates to go to taco bell (this was such a brian and dustin move haha).. however the memory that I have clung to through all of this is the fact that I had the chance to tell Dustin one last time the day before his accident that I loved him.. This has been the absolute worst thing that ive ever had to go through, however I believe its been a wake up call, life is short, love the people around you, live life to the fullest, and try to make a difference in the world.. RIP Dustin, we love you so much, you will never be forgotten! -erin-
[11:06:40 PM | 9/15/2009]

Dustin, ill never forget the time you came to my house with Woodsy and you were flying to our house because you just got your new car. The minute you walked in the door, the neighbor called and was complaining already but after my mom left the room we just lost it! And dont forget about the tournament in Girard! I wish I wouldve gotten to know you better but im so blessed to have known you period. Ill cherish the memories that I have with you forever. -Olivia
[10:22:40 PM | 9/15/2009]

Dustin was a great friend. I barely knew him, but every time I saw him in the halls and anywhere else he would ask how I was and flash a smile. He was kind to me, even though we barely knew each other. miss you, rest in paradise.
[10:03:19 PM | 9/15/2009]

well you know i still remember Dustin as that lil OH SO ADORABLE 10 year old that loved EVERYONE!!(yes its been that long since I've seen him) but he was always just the sweetest, never that lil annoying lil bro that most little siblings are! Once genuine SWEET HEART!!! and even though i haven't seen him since he was a lil tot I still miss him and know what a GREAT kid he was(is) and it breaks my heart to have papa and mama huff go through this and Mandy and Casey and Bubba and EVERYONE that is going to miss a dear sweet loving WONDERFUL person!! We love you Dustin and you will FOREVER live in our hearts!!! You will always remain that sweet little WONDERFUL doll in my heart!!!
[10:01:46 PM | 9/15/2009]

I didn't know Dustin for a long time, but the time being that I did know Dust was amazing. Him being able to make my life better for the short time that I knew him was incredible. He made a lasting impression on my life. I'll never forget the little memories we had. I will always miss his cute smirk I always saw walking down the halls and that punch I knew was coming everytime I saw him. Everytime I was with Dust we always had to sing one Taylor Swift song. Dustin was an amazing kid, he lived life to the fullest and was an all around incredible guy. I will love you always Dust. You're always in my heart, I miss you terribly. Love you, Erica.
[7:24:32 PM | 9/15/2009]

Dear god, we can not know, in this life, why Dustin was taken from us. Trusting in your infinite goodness and mercy, we ask that you please bless Dustin’s soul and cradle him in your arms until we meet again. I will now read a letter addressed to Dustin Marshall Huffman. July 4, 2009 Dear Dustin, Please know that your Salem High classmates, teammates and your many friends are deeply saddened at this time. We have lost a dear and treasured friend. We will forever hold in our heart and soul precious memories of the lives we shared. I remember you often telling me that I was your hero. But, Dustin you are the real hero. You worked so hard training for and competing at our track meets. You were a true disciple of the RUN FAST, JUMP HIGH, THROW FAR motto. Just this spring, you and three teammates won the 800 meter relay State Title in Columbus, quite an outstanding accomplishment. I will forever cherish your generosity at the Prom. I had a cast and crutches and even though you didn’t like to dance, you still held me up and we danced and when we weren’t dancing we were talking and laughing the night away. I am forever thankful for having the opportunity to have met you. You will always be my hero. This world needs more Dustin Huffmans’. Until we meet again, Your friend, With love, Dana Ackerman
[7:18:41 PM | 9/15/2009]

When I was first starting to get to know him, he was in 5th grade and I was in 7th, we were crawling into his little dog/club house. He was crawling behind me and told me my feet smelled like I'll never forget that day.
[10:35:33 AM | 8/30/2009]

Riding at Chem-Line! Miss you buddy.
[11:44:02 PM | 8/29/2009]

The 2 memories I cherish the most with Dustin was when I was house sitting in Canton.. He drove the hour almost every day I was there just because he told me there had to be a man in the house to protect me and my friend Katie... We would stay up and talk all night even though he would have to work in the morning.. We talked about everything from life to love and the future! I wish now more than ever that I could go back in time to those nights.. The other memory I cherish most is when I suprised him by showing up at his State Meet!! =) I'll never forget the look on his face when he saw me and then when they won!.. I miss you everyday Dustin! You will forever and always be with me in my heart... I can not wait for the day when we meet again!! I love you Grump!!
[3:45:53 PM | 8/28/2009]

I remember talking to him before i moved to Tennessee, I was so scared because i didn't know how i was going to like it. His exact words were, "You'll be fine, and if anyone messes with you they have to deal with me." After that i made up my mind that i would try it and see if it was worth it. It truly was. Thanks Dustin. I love you forever and ever. Dakotah Knight
[8:56:04 AM | 8/28/2009]

lookin at the picture of him on the dirtbike when he was little feels like it was yesterday... i remember being there it was so much fun
[3:16:45 AM | 8/28/2009]

My favorite memory was dinner at Hickory Rib the week before the accident. He made us laugh the entire dinner!!! Especially the story about him and Nate following the police cruiser one night.... Love you Doodle Bug!! RIP Aunt Debbie
[9:50:21 PM | 8/26/2009]

Well I'd like to say my favorite memory with Dustin is our last memory together, it was when him and I had a 4 hour conversation on life, i will forever remember this and cherish it. He was my best friend and the easiest person to talk to because he wouldnt make fun of you, and even if he did, it was kind-heartedly. Love you Dustin!!!!! Wally.
[6:11:24 PM | 8/26/2009]

good times on the twin seated bike.
[4:11:47 PM | 8/26/2009]

Dustin was a kind and loving young man with an incredible work ethic and an unshakeable cense of right and wrong. I am very proud to call him my son. I Love and Miss him very much. David Huffman
[2:29:50 PM | 8/26/2009]

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